So...Our Labels Won A Contest

We are thrilled to announce that our creative endeavors have been recognized and rewarded! We are proud to share the news that Say Sebastian Candle Co. has won one of the top three (3) spots in the esteemed "Photo Contest" conducted by Grace Imaging. This remarkable achievement not only highlights our dedication and passion in designing our products but also serves as a testament to our team's creativity and innovation. 

Creating a label design that stands out in a crowded marketplace requires a blend of imagination, research, and a deep understanding of our brand's essence. We embarked on an exciting journey, brainstorming concepts, sketching ideas, and exploring various design elements to encapsulate the unique identity of our product. We at Say Sebastian Candle Co. wanted our label design to be a visual representation of our brand story, evoking emotions and connecting with our target audience on a profound level.

We drew inspiration from nature, contemporary art, and cultural motifs that resonate with our product. We looked at color theory, typography, and visual composition to ensure that every element harmoniously conveyed our brand's personality. The aim was to create a design that would not only catch the eye but also tell a compelling story about Say Sebastian Candle Co. and its values.

Ultimately, our Say Sebastian Candle Co. label design perfectly captures the essence of our brand. It features a captivating combination of muted, classic colors, elegant typography, and subtle imagery in the backdrop. Every element on the label has been thoughtfully placed to create a harmonious balance and draw attention to the most important aspects of our product. The design tells a visual story that resonates with our audience, leaving a lasting impression and fostering brand loyalty. 

The medium weight bright white of the felt material is inviting, with a smooth, light texture, very pleasing to the touch. Our brand name is embossed at the top of the label with hot stamped borders in gold and silver which adds three-dimensional effect with a dash of sophistication and luxury. Its not just a label, its a statement of quality and style. 


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